Take your CMDB to the next level!

With James Hammond
This Hub has already passed. The information below is included for reference only.

In this session ITOM Solution Senior Architect James Hammond will take you through getting the best out of your CMDB and how to take it to the next level. This session will be fully interactive and cover the guiding principles on building or retro fitting your CMDB to conform with/adopt the CSDM v2 architecture. 

Everyone has a CMDB, but is it as good as it could be? Is it providing you with the structure, attributes and automation that its capable of? Does it meet with governance or regulatory requirements? These are not new questions and in this session James will take you through the guiding principles, best practice and implementation steps that will help you take full advantage of this powerful function.

About the speaker

James is a seasoned veteran in the ServiceNow world with a number of global, high profile implementations under his belt and a corner stone of the ITOM Solution family. James has been instrumental in our CMDB/CSDM/SCA architecture models and is widely regarded as an industry leading expert.

12 August 2020

Take your CMDB to the next level!

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