Compliance as a Business Enabler

With Julie White & Jacob Elfving
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‘Compliance as a Business Enabler’ is an interesting and powerful mantra within Danske Bank. Whilst many companies see this as a necessary evil or at best a mildly annoying inconvenience, Danske have turned compliance into a positive power for good.

Through an innovative programme of initiatives, in particular associated with their CMDB and Configuration Management, they have delivered world class services to their organisation and customers. In the session we will find out more about the challenges, process improvements and business outcomes plus some amazing audit results.

About the speakers

Julie is a senior leader in IT Service and Operations Management, leading global, complex IT services to a measurable high standard. Julie is experienced at managing Risk at an organisational level and ensuring practices are compliant with any industry/regulatory requirements working collaboratively with colleagues in IT and internal audit across Denmark, Lithuania and India plus external auditors.

Jacob is responsible for Configuration Management, Service Mapping and CMDB, owner of the Configuration Control Board, responsible for aligning IT Service Management Processes to Service Management Tools and also responsible for the Production Readiness Process.

18 November 2020

Compliance as a Business Enabler

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