What is Connected Ops?

The Connected Operations Platform is a Digital Workflow driven system that has been specifically designed to tackle the issues within the Operational Technology (OT) sector. This includes:

Alarm Management

Remove the noise of thousands of alarms by automating the creation of meaningful, correlated work orders that are assigned in real-time, to the right team.

Digital Twins

Build digital twins that not only display the asset, but also its connected sensors and streaming data, all in the same platform.

Easy Integrations

Integrate with everything! Connected Operations acts as a systems integration layer bringing your existing OT platforms into a single place, building a golden source of truth and removing the silos of data that usually make the network impossible to manage.


Gives you the power to predict the future and identify problems before they become issues by understanding your environment, learning from past events and applying machine learning and AI.

Smart Field Services

Stop 'painting the golden gate bridge' and start managing your Field Services with an intelligent AI driven tool which can not only assign work orders automatically, but can assign them to the engineer with the right skills and parts, not just the closest.


Built on both the Now & Azure Platforms, the Connected Operations offering is infinitely scalable to meet the demands of your business.

Capable of integrating with your existing OT platforms, Connected Operations acts as the master of masters, consuming all of your asset and sensor data. From this, the system will build real-time automated digital twins and will model them to your organisation’s network, building the golden source of truth that is missing from so many organisations. Connected Ops ingests and processes every alarm from your existing monitoring toolsets and processes them in the same place, removing both data silos and the huge manual effort that usually makes managing a large scale OT network almost impossible.

With the use of the Now Platform, Connected Operations contextualises the alarms against both the digital twin and network models to understand the real world impact of the OT event, which then correlates those alarms and uses the workflow engine to create the required work orders.  This can be coupled with our Intelligent Field Services offering, which will auto assign the work order to the correct team, with the right skills and required parts.

Because Connected Operations is built on the Now platform at its core, it is able to seamlessly interact with ITSM, ITOM, Customer Services, HR and Facilities Management, removing the barriers between OT and the rest of the business without costly, hard to manage integrations.

Download our White Paper

Our latest white paper talks about the journey of taking OT devices and importing them into ServiceNow® as assets. Download it today to see how this could change your perception of IoT in the enterprise forever.

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